A virtual space to discover the artistic potential of photographic filters and to challenge your creativity in our International Filter Photo Contest
Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. (President: Toru Yamanaka) company, being the prospect of the end of the corona virus infection still unclear, and taking into account that there might not be the conditions for photographic activities as expected, decided to cancel the new edition of the International Filter Photo Contest planned for this 2020 year.

As this year's edition would have coincided with the 10th anniversary of the contest since its inauguration in 2009, by all means we planned an exciting edition but, as things never go as expected in such a situation, it was unavoidable for us to arrive at the final decision of cancelling the contest for the current year.

As for future editions, we will make an announcement in due time after careful consideration and depending on future conditions.

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.
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Grand prize

  • Javier Arcenillas
  • Spain

Jury special prize / Judge: Koji Itami (Japan)

White angels
  • Tamas Imre
  • Hungary

Jury special prize / Judge: Stan Moniz (USA)

Catch of the day
  • Pavlos Evangelidis
  • Belgium

Jury special prize / Judge: Vieri Bottazzini (Italy)

Secret garden
  • Steve Bae (Myungsik Bae)
  • South Korea

Jury special prize / Judge: Zhang Yougfu (China)

Dream city
  • Jay Huang
  • USA

Excellent works prize

Sky is falling down
  • Legrand Florian
  • France
  • Chung Hong Jing
  • Singapore
By the stream
  • Nguyen Quoc Buu
  • Vietnam
Northern Golgotha
  • Mishail
  • Russia
  • Man Wai Wong
  • Hong Kong
Surrealistic flamingos at Montreux
  • Bihr
  • Switzerland
Riverside night colors
  • 梁晓波
  • China
Fantastical night
  • 浅野 直紀
  • Japan
Plughole overflow sapling
  • Kieran Metcalfe
  • UK
Waterfall on the sea
  • Tran Van Hong
  • Vietnam
Storm city landscape
  • Olaf Sawajner
  • Poland
little Monks to jion candle festival
  • Than Aye
  • Myanmar
The castle of Saint-Exupéry
  • Martin Bordagaray
  • Argentina
Over the sand dunes
  • Manh Ngoc Nguyen
  • Germany
Abandoned ship
  • Todor Tilev
  • Ireland
Autumn rain
  • 金井 光寿(みつじ)
  • Japan
Christmas rain
  • 大塚 康平
  • Japan
Prayer light
  • 増永 康一
  • Japan
  • 堀出 明広
  • Japan
To the land of light
  • 森 和彦
  • Japan
Passing spring
  • 松尾 和敏
  • Japan
Smile, smile, smile
  • Sudipto Das
  • India
Waterfalls on mt. Megamiyama
  • 山川 さおり
  • Japan
Lok Baintan floating market
  • Gerdie Hutomo
  • Indonesia
Steel wool
  • Shridarshan Shukla
  • India
Where red light meets red light
  • Chow, Wai Choi
  • Hong Kong
At the summer tableland
  • 林 昌尚
  • Japan
  • 太田 明男
  • Japan
  • 福田 亮太
  • Japan
Dragon's spine illuminated by the galaxy
  • 峯田 翔平
  • Japan

PCC prize

The lotus comes out of the mud but does not stain the mud
  • 西山 昌敏
  • Japan
Aqualine of light rays
  • 高橋 邦夫
  • Japan
Golden sky and bit no. 61
  • 近藤 明
  • Japan
The morning I met Takigumo
  • 眞舩 正行
  • Japan
Stump art
  • 鍋田 篤
  • Japan
Summer holidays
  • 福田 康幸
  • Japan
Milky Way, Mars in hand @ Miyakojima Nature Astronomical Observation
  • 大西 真人
  • Japan
Stillness in atonality
  • 徳永 正明
  • Japan
Underwater fireworks on Ashinoko Lake
  • 荒木 亮二
  • Japan
Orange-dyed cape
  • 井関 大地
  • Japan