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International Filter Photo Contest 2022 winners announcement

We would like to thank you all for the tremendous response to the International Filter Photo Contest 2022 (held 22, August to 31,October 2022). We received many works from all over the world and after careful consideration have selected 38 entries for prizes that we would like to announce.

View contest results:

Grand prize

Tai Chi the ntangible cultural asset
  • Zhang Haifan
  • China

Jury special prize / Judge: Christophe Anagnostopoulos (Europe)

Into space
  • Yasuhiro Tsukamoto
  • Japan

Jury special prize / Judge: Daisuke Kumakiri (Japan)

Fashion model
  • Seonghun Choi
  • South Korea

Jury special prize / Judge: Guo Runzi (China)

  • Stanley Seagren Bernardo
  • Philippines

Jury special prize / Judge: Stan Moniz (USA)

The world is big, I want to enjoy the prosperity with you
  • Zheng Yi
  • China

Jury special prize / Judge: Tatsuo Hata (Japan)

Geminids Meteor and Shadow
  • Liu Yanghe
  • China

KT special prize

  • Toru Tsukahara
  • Japan

KT special prize of the 65's anniversary

Cosmos Canal
  • Shuzo Suehiro
  • Japan

Excellent works prize

Viewing east
  • Peng Xianmin
  • China
The Singing Ringing Tree
  • Paul Harrison
  • Australia
Rush hour
  • Ivan Ivanov
  • Bulgaria
  • Kuznetsov Andrey
  • Russia
  • Przemyslaw Szewczyk
  • Poland
Blessing Light
  • Daisuke Arakawa
  • Japan
Electric branches
  • Christos Doudoulakis
  • Greece
  • Akihito Terao
  • Japan
  • Vahid Hassan Abbasi
  • Iran
An evening scene on a winter day
  • Yoshihiko Kato
  • Japan
Rainbow-colored thread
  • Kenji Nohara
  • Japan
Ruoergei Prairie
  • Xu Li
  • China
Receive the sun
  • Akio Ota
  • Japan
  • Marie-Françoise CHABANNE
  • France
Seven-color diamond dust
  • Takashi Iimori
  • Japan
Another dimension
  • Genzo Suzuki
  • Japan
Island tour
  • Yasuyuki Fukuda
  • Japan
Dragon cloud on the spear
  • Yuya Komiyama
  • Japan
Abandoned train and shining Orion
  • Nobuo Magara
  • Japan
  • Hiroka Uga
  • Japan
Cloud stream
  • Tomomi Yamada
  • Canada
Sea of Clouds and Star Trail
  • Yoshiki Abe
  • Japan
Divine waterfall
  • Tomomi Takamoto
  • Japan
In the Light
  • Honoka Ichiryu
  • Japan
Intersecting light and shadow
  • Akimasa Shiomishi
  • Japan
Ishizuchi in autumn
  • Ryotaro Takeshima
  • Japan
Underground temple
  • Seiji Kawase
  • Japan
Memory of blue
  • Takeshi Ono
  • Japan
  • Hitomi Ebisawa
  • Japan
Global Warming
  • Hideki Nakai
  • Japan