A virtual space to discover the artistic potential of photographic filters and to challenge your creativity in our International Filter Photo Contest

International Filter Photo Contest 2019

The International Filter Photo Contest 2019 edition is now on air!

As a photo contest, the IFPC aims to award those photographic works that better show a creative and effective use of photographic filters. Launched for the first time in 2009, the IFPC is now at its 9th edition, still gathering the most amazing shots from all over the world.

For the 2019 edition as well, we can't wait to receive tons of great photos. Challenge your creativity with filters and send us your best shot!



Photos that make effective use of filters.

  • Filters may be from any manufacturer.
  • Filters such as protectors whose effects cannot be seen in the photograph are not permitted.
  • Photos that have been heavily edited using retouching software (color swap, etc.) cannot be accepted.

Application period

Application period July 16, 2019 - October 31, 2019

Application Qualification

The competition is open to anyone regardless of age, gender or nationality.

  • Entries are restricted to unreleased and unpublished original photos for which the copyright is entirely owned by the applicant. Photos that have won prizes or are being screened in other competitions are not eligible (photos that have been entered in another competition but have not been awarded a prize are eligible). Photos that have been published in non-commercial publications such as club exhibitions for which the photography was not remunerated, or websites operated by individuals are eligible.
  • Entries will be disqualified if the sponsor deems that the subject matter is in breach of the law, public order and morals, or the purpose of this contest.
  • Applicants who are under the age of 18 must obtain approval of their parent or guardian before applying. If an applicant is under the age of 18, it will be assumed they have already obtained approval of a parent or guardian.


Grand Prix 1 500,000 yen (or U.S. dollar equivalent to 500,000yen) *1
Jury Special Prize 4 100,000 yen (or U.S. dollar equivalent to 100,000yen) *1
Excellent works 30 Kenko Tokina Group products worth 10,000 yen *2

*1: Please note that if a winner lives in a country other than Japan, the system or procedures unique to the winner's home country may prevent overseas remittances. In this case, Kenko Tokina Group products of the equivalent value to the prize money will be sent instead.

*2: Prizes to be determined by the organizer.


Koji Itami (JAPAN)

Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1952. Graduated from Hosei University.

He served as editor-in-chief of the photo journal "Japan Photo Contest (now Photo Con)" magazine for about 20 years.

After that, he became independent in 2004 and became representative of Jophy Communications, a planning and production company related to photography.

He was in charge of judging many photo prizes and contests as a photo editor. Advisor to the Photographic Society of Japan (PSJ). Director of Photo Culture Club (NPO).

He served as a main lecturer and judge of photography enlightenment program at NHK.

Stan Moniz (USA)

Mr.Stan Moniz is an action / adventure photo and cinematographer from Oahu, Hawaii and is now residing in Southern California. His infectious high energy and passion for ocean and landscape imagery drives him to hit the open road at a moment's notice.

Stan is a pro ambassador for Sony, Tokina, Aquatech and HOYA, to name a few. Stan works with a number of clients to help manifest their vision come to life. Stan has also been featured on a numerous array of platforms including gracing the cover of Outdoor Photographer magazine and headlining speaking engagements at various camera and cinema special events.

Vieri Bottazzini (ITALY)

As a Fine Art Landscape Photographer, Mr. Bottazzini works very hard to portray the stunning, powerful beauty of the Earth.

He is a Formatt-Hitech Featured Artist, a Qualified Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography (ABIPP), a Leica Ambassador & Leica Academy instructor (2016-2018), and starting in 2018 he is Artistic Director of "The Art of Landscape" with Imag Orbetello Photography Festival.

Zhang Yongfu (CHINA)

In 1957 Zhang Yongfu was born in Anhui Fuyang rural areas. In 1976 the armed police Anhui Fire Corps. Member of the Communist Party of China. In 1995 the Huangshan Landscape Management Committee Political Department of propaganda, In 2001 Hefei City Federation of photographers Association Secretary-General. In 2008 Chairman of Hefei City Photographers Association. In 2003 Vice President of Anhui Photographers Association for three consecutive years since 2003.


View contest results:

Grand prize

  • 大坂 拓弥
  • Japan

Jury special prize / Felix Inden (Germany)

  • Yuri Pritisk
  • Russia

Jury special prize / Hudson Henry (USA)

Foggy morning
  • Myo Min Kywe
  • Myanmar

Jury special prize / Koji Itami (Japan)

Future express
  • 松尾 和敏
  • Japan

Jury special prize / Zhang Yougfu (China)

ファンタジー 秋桜
  • 石田 治
  • Japan

Excellent works prize

  • 田口 忠正
  • Japan
  • 冯军
  • China
  • 佐藤 悠大
  • Japan
  • 小松 雄二
  • Japan
  • 堀川 宏
  • Japan
Junction girl ~分岐点の女~
  • 辻 壯介
  • Japan
  • 松田 慎司
  • Japan
  • 番場 雅典
  • Japan
  • 吉原 一雄
  • Japan
  • 太田 明男
  • Japan
  • 井口 晃志
  • Japan
  • 白山 健悦
  • Japan
  • 長 吉秀
  • Japan
  • 襖田 雅和
  • Japan
  • 西村 礼能留
  • Japan
Kuang Si falls
  • Sirsendu Gayen
  • India
  • 浅井 和範
  • Japan
  • 木村 信治
  • Japan
Old rill
  • Arthur Kirakozov
  • Russia
  • 平野 裕司
  • Japan
Ice world
  • 近井 直行
  • Japan
  • 垂 秀夫
  • Japan
  • 松森 榮次
  • Japan
  • 佐々木 和一朗
  • Japan
  • 竹内 和樹
  • Japan
Mirror pond
  • 長尾 岬生
  • Japan
The night view of Oasis21 with a cross screen filter
  • 久徳 遙矢
  • Japan
  • 荒木 忠義
  • Japan
  • 高橋 広太郎
  • Japan
One time
  • 数本 佳宏
  • Japan

PCC prize

  • 蓮野 智宏
  • Japan
  • 黒田 みなみ
  • Japan
  • 元満 文音
  • Japan
  • 斎藤 一弥
  • Japan
  • 渡辺 康則
  • Japan
  • 佐藤 幾太郎
  • Japan
  • 小林 壮寛
  • Japan
  • 谷川 優
  • Japan
  • 山口 芳明
  • Japan
Magic hour
  • 田辺 和貴
  • Japan